Hey, my name is Josef and I am the founder of Challenge State...

In 2018 I was 22 years old, just moved away from my home to another city and at the time I was running a small online business which was slowly failing. Not long after I moved cities, suddenly one day I got kicked out the house I was living in, I was homeless. I had a lot more anxiety, I was less productive in my business and the financial pressures were snowballing day by day. To escape from the stress, I would watch a lot of TV or play video games. I wasted time just burying my head hoping for something to change, eventually I realised I had to change.

 November that year I knew I had to improve my habits and mindset to push through the slump I was feeling.
I researched how the most successful athletes, military personnel, entrepreneurs and politicians performed under pressure. Whilst doing so the phrase ‘Challenge State’ kept appearing and how this state of mind helps the most successful human beings on the planet become the best they can be, especially when under pressure. This inspired me to create a brand which would remind myself and others to maintain the right positive mental attitude for when the pressure is on.
It’s now my mission to inspire every athlete in the world to perform with a Challenge State. We aim to do this with actionable advice, daily routines, affirmations and daily supplements.
If you compete, you are an athlete.

Looking back at 2018 from today, I’ve realised that experience was one of the best things that had happened to me. I learned how to be independent and handle pressure. I started a better business, found a lifelong partner and I become mentally stronger as a person. When you are going through the hardest times in your life, just know that once you get through it you will become stronger and more valuable to society. Don’t let life’s pressures crush you, use it to transform yourself into someone other people will look up to and cherish.