Hey, my name is Josef and I am the founder of Challenge State... Growing up I felt I was always under a lot of pressure from school, family, work, sports coaches, teammates, friends and mostly myself to perform well every day. However, until now, I never truly understood how to deal with pressure and believed life was stressful and hard. The way I coped with pressure was to do enough work so I didn't get into trouble and watch TV or play video games to escape from reality. Eventually I realised this wasn’t very fulfilling.

November 2018 I decided to search on how do the top athletes, military personnel, entrepreneurs and politicians thrive whilst under pressure/stressful situations as arguably they are under the most pressure in society today. I came across a few psychological blog articles mentioning the same phrase over and over again which was ‘Challenge State’, and how a ‘Challenge State’ helps the most successful human beings on the planet be the best they can be when under pressure.

So then I researched on how to be in a Challenge State mindset and there wasn’t much answers, if one of the main secrets to performing well under pressure is to be in a Challenge State and there’s no tips on how to do so I felt I have to be the 1 to learn it, live it and share it with the rest of the world. Especially during the time in the UK of uncertainty with Brexit and global economic fear that come with it. After thorough research piecing together a few tips and hacks on how to be in a Challenge State through actionable advice, daily routines, affirmations and supplements. The brand Challenge State started to form the next week.

The Challenge State logo was inspired by the natural element which is formed under pressure. When under pressure, coal produces a diamond, champions under pressure produce winning performances and they're value to the world increases. Once a diamond is formed they under the spotlight diamonds shine and reflected light, hence 'Shine Under Pressure' is the Challenge State tagline.

A diamond doesn't start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular. Pressure can crush an athlete, or it can turn them into a diamond, which is why mindfully working on your mental training is so important. Having a Challenge State helps athletes become a valuable diamond.

Now in 2019 I'm its my mission to inspire every athlete in the world to perform in a Challenge State.