To inspire every athlete in the world to perform with a Challenge State.

Our mission is to inspire top performance under pressure through a combination of unique products, actionable information and trusted strategies from top athletes and professionals. We are dedicated to providing our customers with unique products aimed at helping athletes achieve a Challenge State mentality to be able perform well under pressure and win when it matters most.

When you join the Challenge State family, you commit to supporting our mission to give back in big ways through life-changing charities.

We’re more then just a brand which sells great products, we’re a movement. A proportion of products and profits are going to be donated to Mental Health Awareness Charities of our customers choice. Another reason why you should join our family!

The typical office down here at Challenge State... Just like our athletes, ambassadors, and customers, we are crossfitters, runners, cyclists, surfers, skaters, climbers, hikers, travellers, snowboarders, skiers, and the list goes on. But while our interests are multiple and varied, we all share one common bond; a love of the outdoors and a curiosity for the world around us. And by combining innovative design with real life functional training, we can gain the capacity to truly explore it.